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Great success rate, recovering millions every year since 1992. If you or someone you love has suffered the consequences of another persons negligence, were here for you.

Respectful Lawyer

Defense Attorney

Law is a very tricky thing that is an integral part of our society. Those who know how to manipulate rules of a government is able to take on the world. We are doing the same - each our client is under fully defence.

Personal Injury


We work with personal cases pretty good. Our win rate is 95%.

Identity Theft


Is anyone trenching on your intellectual property? Use our services and we’ll help!

Loyal and Efficient


We are the team of professionals in any fild of jurisdiction.

Built from the ground up


Solid Reputation

If you’re not convinced that you’ve found the right place to handle your case just yet, we’ll let our clients do the talking. Go see for yourself what our clients have to say about the quality of services we provide.

One of a kind



We believe that when you hire an attorney, you should be able to communicate directly with your professional. We work to understand the specifics of any case.

Hundreds of cases


A History of

Our firm has already recovered millions of dollars for our clients. While we don’t guarantee results, we do promise to work towards the best possible outcome for you.

We help people effectively fight their

offenders back and successfully
defend their own stand!

What our clients say


Client Testimonials

Whatever your interest


be sure that we will stand by it & win!


Legal Cases


Lawyers & Paralegals


Awards Won


Cases Won

Only the finest


Meet our Attorneys

There’s a reason that our reputation precedes us: our 20-year history in San Diego has garnered us some of the top reviews in the personal injury industry.

Michael Bishop


Partner Lawyer


Michael is a professional of the highest level. He is the most experienced attorney in our team.

Charles Hamilton


Partner Lawyer


Being Michael’s right hand, Charles is a decent padawan of his master and a big Star Wars fan.

Jason Hicks


Partner Lawyer


Though it seems like Jason looks exactly like Charles, they are professionals in different fields of law.

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